I always had a love for music! Music brought every generation together. Music was so cool that no matter how many generation gaps there was one thing remained the same. From healing a broken heart, to the first kiss, the last dance my heart strings were tied up in the lyrics of every song. So I decided that my gift in this world would be joy, laughter, sadness and healing. From the very moment that we take our vows to the last dance with our father.. I mean how cool is that?

Well I have seen daddy's cry and fathers shake at the very thought of never having that very moment with their daughters again. Sons you are not out of this picture, mammas cry also that very moment when you have the son and mother dance wow moms crumble on that one.

I suggest always bring tissues there are plenty of moments where you will need them.

So tonight brides I will share a video that warms my heart but always brings tears to my eyes. I'll post again next week but for this week I'll share this video and hope it warms your heart like it did mine.

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