We all know that one or more brides that feel like they are all that! Well guess what you all are gonna hate me for saying this but she's right she is all that. Brides get one day to be queens and though most of us don't appreciate the crazy a bride goes through we need to remember this to shall pass. Here is a couple of things that you can do to help that bride have her day even if she is a bit over the top.

  1. Agree with them give them your undivided attention

  2. Give them peace and help, remember that this is a work in progress

  3. Give them tissues when they need it

  4. Always rise above their frustrations and be the better person

  5. Remember Miss Manners would not want us looking foolish let the bride do that.

  6. If your part of her wedding you are part of her inner circle so remember this to shall pass.

  7. Brides can have freakish irrationality, diva demands, and passive-aggressive power plays.

  8. You can smile and nod, negotiate or try to distract the bride.

  9. If things get really bad gather a group to confront the bride about her behavior.

  10. Don't feel forced to take out a loan to participate in someone's wedding.

These are just a few things to watch out for and how to handle the bridezilla

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